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File online for corporation or LLC with the State of Florida

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Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations
Articles of Incorporation for a Profit Corporation
Articles of Incorporation for a NonProfit Corporation
Articles of Organization for a Limited Liability Company
Certificate of Limited Partnership for a Limited Partnership
It is very important to make sure all data entered is correct before submitting the data for filing
Once a document is submitted to the Division of Corporations, it cannot be changed or altered by Division of Corporations or the remitter.  No phone calls can be made to the filing section to ask for changes or to request that a document be flagged to "not file".  Pursuant to applicable Florida Statutes, corporations and limited liability companies may submit (with an additional fee, and within 30 business days of filing) Articles of Correction to correct a filed document.  Corrections and/or changes to a filed document may also be made by filing an amendment - refer to pertinent Florida Statutes for details.
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